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Steam boiler for paper mill


Steam boiler is the core equipment of paper mills, due to the different size of paper mills, the required capacity of steam boiler are different, ranging from 10 tons -220 tons .in large-scale paper mills,they usually use circulating fluidized bed boiler to provide a lot of steam for the factory.


And the steam generated by the boiler in paper mills is used in many links of the paper making processing,such as preheating of raw materials, cooking, drying, Alkali recovery etc.

The type of steam boiler used in paper mill manufactured by ZG Boiler

1.coal fired steam boiler:mainly used the fuel of Bituminous coal, lignite,Lean coal.

2.Oil fired steam boiler:mainly used the fuel of light oil,natural gas,heavy oil etc.

3.Circulating fluidized bed steam boiler(CFB steam boiler),has the advantages of big capacity,ranging from 50 ton to 280 ton.

The advantages of steam boilers manufactured by ZBG Boiler

1.high and stable thermal efficiency

2. the steam boiler heating up fast

3.the dust emission concentration is low, green energy

4. Provide high quality steam

5.adaptability to water quality

6.small size, low boiler room investment costs

7.low operating costs, safety and reliability

8. installation time is short, low installation cost

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