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Steam Boiler for Microbrewery


Breweries use steam heating for a number of functions, primarily to heat the brew kettle and produce hot water for cleaning but also for CIP operations to keep solutions at the proper temperatures and for pasteurizer heating in the bottling area. Selection of the proper steam boiler for the brewery is critical to ensure expected performance without sacrificing efficiencies in energy consumption.

Steam Boiler for Microbrewery

The type of steam boiler used in Breweries

(1)low pressure steam boiler:It can be operated up to 13- 14 PSI maximum.There is a direct correlation between steam pressure and temperature. 10 PSI steam equates to 240o F (115o C)and 15 PSI steam = 250o F (121o C). 12-14 PSI is where most low pressure boilers operate.

(2)High pressure boiler:it is more expensive and it requires higher standard of installation and monitoring than low pressure steam boiler.

By contrast, a high pressure boiler can produce up to 150 PSI steam at about 365o F (185o C).

To determine whether a low pressure steam boiler or a high pressure steam boiler is needed the brewer should consult the company providing the brewing equipment, or look at the pressure rating of the equipment using the steam.

Each brewery situation is different and it is important in considering selection to focus on what the highest duty applications will be, usually the wort boil, and to size the boiler to handle that and other peak demand duties, ie hot water generation, so as to not over or under size the equipment. Consider the steam boiler as an entire system and make sure that the supplier and installer design the system to be efficient in terms of condensate capture and re-use.

Steam boiler for Breweries manufacturer in China

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