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Power plant boilers for cogeneration


Features about Power plant Boilers and Cogeneration

1.Boilers:High Efficiency Standard Efficiency

2.Gas Fired Cogeneration Systems:4kWe – 2,680kWe

3.Absorption Chillers:100kWr – 6,950kWr

Power plant boilers for cogeneration

Steam & Hot Water Boilers used in Cogeneration

1.STEAM BOILERS:Create Steam for the following applications:Process Heat in manufacturing, Cooking in Food processors,Apiarists,Hospitals & Universities,Pharmaceutical Industry,Hotels.

HOT WATER BOILER: Create Hot Water for process heating and air conditioning applications in the following applications:Industrial Process Heating, Food Processing,Hospitals & Universities,Shopping Centers,Commercial & Government buildings.

How to optimise the efficiency of a power plant boiler for CHP plant?

Regular maintenance of a boiler is key to make sure the boiler runs with the highest efficiency.


Why Cogeneration for Manufacturers?

1.Large and consistent electrical loads

2.Suitable load range typically from 50kWe to 2100kWe

3. Multiple uses for waste heat from engine

Drivers of Cogeneration for Energy Efficiency

1.Reduce Energy Costs (currently up to 20% of exp.)

2.Reduce Carbon Footprint §

3.Generous Government Incentives §

4.Part of overall Energy Efficiency Strategy §

5.Improve Corporate Image

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