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What’s the function of steam boiler during sunflower oil processing


Steam boilers are widely used in vegetable oil production and processing,especially in sunflower oil processing.

In a sunflower oil plant,steam boilers are basical equipment.The production system of sunflower oil plant consists of four main group operations: neutralizer, bleacher, filter, and deodorizer.the steam boilers are used to produce steam for the sunflower oil processing facilities.

steam boiler during sunflower oil processing

The functions of steam boilers in vegetable oil industry

1.Cooking kettle heats and cooks the kernels or oil seeds by outer steam.A little steam / water are also added to the oil seeds to increase moisture content to optimum level.

2.Boiler provides process steam to the cooking kettle. Husks are used as fuel in the boiler. Any agricultural waste or wood can be used. Water feed pump is mounted on the boiler itself.

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