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Low NOx Boilers-solution to pollution


NOx is: – A by-product of combustion

A pollutant that contributes to § -Ozone § -Particulate matter § -Acid rain

Low NOx Boilers

Our Techniques to reduce NOx formation:


- Adding flue gas recirculation (FGR)

– Altering the fuel/air ratio and excess O2

– Using staged fuel or air – Improving fuel/air distribution and mixing – Improving flame distribution to reduce hot spots

– Using staged combustion (both fuel and air)

Zhengzhou Boilers are designed and engineered with larger furnaces. These larger furnaces enable us to provide for inherently lower NOx emissions. In addition, Hurst has historically been at the forefront of utilizing burners specifically designed for low emission projects.

Currently, new technologies such as gas and air pre-mix, flue gas recirculation, and thermal reduction are being employed.

we continually strive to provide boiler solutions to meet all federal and state requirements, while greatly reducing "greenhouse" gasses since 1945.

If you're ready to reduce your carbon footprint, improve efficiency, and bolster the bottom line, contact me for a free consultation.

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