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Low NOx Oil Gas Boilers


Recently,we have supplied a set of 20 ton low NOx Oil gas boiler for a Pharmaceutical Company.The boiler furnace adopts full membrane water-cooled wall structure, the furnace volume is increased and flame is good, which are conducive to low nitrogen combustion and low nitrogen emissions from flue gases. At the same time, the furnace adopts a fully automatic low-nitrogen burner, with flue gas recirculation function, part of the low-temperature flue gas can be mixed with air into the furnace, reducing the oxygen concentration, are conducive to low nitrogen combustion and low nitrogen emissions from flue gases, greatly reduced the production of NOx, which provides reliable technical support for this furnace to achieve low NOx emissions.

20 ton Low NOx OIl Gas Boilers

The energy efficiency test report authoritative data of ZBG SZS20-1.25-Y.Q boiler, is less than 30 mg / cubic meter through technological innovation, it is a high level in the boiler manufacturing industry.

Benefits of Low NOx Boiler:

1.Lowers Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrous Oxides (NOx) emissions

2.Increases energy efficiency while bolstering your return on investment

3.Documented improved product quality and exceedingly low maintenance

Low-NOx Technology we used

Boiler and burner technology uses heat to produce hot water and/or steam. In the combustion process, nitrous oxide (NOx) and nitrogen dioxide are produced as byproducts. These pollutants can initiate harmful reactions, which result in the production of acid rain and ozone. In general NOx comes from three main sources:

1.Thermal NOx is the result of high-temperature combustion. Thermal NOx is the largest contributor to overall NOx emissions

2.Prompt NOx is when nitrogen bounds to the fuel

3.Fuel-bound NOx, which is typically not a concern with natural gas

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