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steam boiler application in food industry


Steam is used by many industries as a useful medium to transfer and deliver heat to industrial and chemical processes. Boilers usually form part of a larger steam system.

Steam is also used for heating applications in industrial processes to control temperatures and pressures, to remove contaminants and drive mechanical processes. The technology is also used widely in the commercial sector,especially in food industry and beverage industry.

steam boiler in food factory

The main applications of steam boiler in food factories are:

1.Produce heat by boilers: Industrial food processes applying heat at one or more stages are the vast majority: heat is still one of the most widespread means to reduce or virtually eliminate microbiological risk in food.

2.heat is needed to cook food and thus to render it softer, smoother, more digestible and in general more appetizing. Heat is also needed for many other operations, as sanitation of packaging at pre-filling stage, pasteurization or sterilization of packaged food, cleaning and sanitation procedures of equipments, surfaces and food plant in general.

3.Produce Steam: steam is used by food processors commonly falls into two broad categories. The first is the so-called“culinary,” “sanitary” or “clean” steam. This type of steam is used for direct injection into the product or to clean or sterilize product contact surfaces.The second category of steam used by food processors is often referred to as “plant steam,” “utility steam” or just simply “steam.” This document will call steam in this category “plant” steam.

Zhengzhou Boiler Group has designed and sold about 100 sets of small and large capacity among 2 ton to 30 ton steam boilers for food and beverage factories all over the world,and all of them work well.

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