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Steam boiler used in coating industry


Coating line is widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, machinery parts manufacturing and other industries. With the continuous development of China's machinery manufacturing industry, coating industry has been rapid development of new technologies and new techniques are continually applied to the coating industry.

Steam boiler used in coating industry

Coating production line requires a lot of heat sink, such as acid, alkali washing, degreasing, phosphating, electrophoresis, cleaning water, tank volume is generally between 1 ~ 20m3, the heating temperature is between 40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, according to Production process layout is different tank position is not the same size. In the current energy prices have been rising, increasingly strict environmental requirements of the situation, how to choose a more reasonable and more energy-efficient water heating, as the majority of users and issues of particular interest to painting professionals. Typical coating industry have pressure hot water boiler heating heating, vacuum heating boiler and steam boiler heating.

Steam heating boiler has the following characteristics:

Applicable conditions of steam boiler in coating line:

Sink quantity, or scattered, temperature requirements over 80 ℃ place.

Basic conditions of steam boiler in coating industry:

Saturated steam 0.5mpa steam generator, directly or indirectly through a heat exchanger heated bath, heated up to near the boiling point.

Steam boiler manufacturer in China

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