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Saw dust fired boiler cost


Zhengzhou Boiler is offering customers a big range of saw dust fired boiler.Forming solid biomass fuels (referred to as biomass fuels, often called:Wood, straw, saw dust ), would be the usage of new technologies and specialized equipment will crop straw, wood chips, saw dust, peanut shell, corn cob, rice straw, rice husk, straw bran, branch leaves, hay and other modern compression molded carbon clean fuel, biomass fuel sources extensively, is usually an inexhaustible alternative energy, biomass burn rate of 96%, 4% ash could be recycled along with the remaining K to attain a "straw - Fuel - fertilizer" in circulation.Use of biomass fuels, clean and green, electrical power, environmental protection in line with national energy policy received strong advocate and promote.Biomass fuels as coal, oil, natural gas, the fourth largest energy, it is going to end up being the world's largest energy an important.Biomass fuel containing sulfur can be quite low, the condition doesn't exist desulfurization, heat value in 3600 ~ 5100 kcal / kg, which can replace the coal and also other fuels, and it is good deal, the boiler operating costs greatly reduced, and fuel oil, gas, in comparison with electric boiler, the purchase price decreased by 60%, 40%, 70%.

saw dust fired boiler

Main characteristics of saw dust fired boiler:

1. Wide application scopes: Suitable for various kinds of organic spray drying equipment, large-scale farming factories, cereal and food drying, tobacco drying, various kinds of large, medium, small workshops, greenhouse heating and etc.

2. Multi-fuel options: Burn various kinds of biomass raw materials or molding biomass particles (saw dust, rice straw, corn stalks, corn cobs, peanut shells, cotton stalks and etc. Of the crop, as well as branches, leaves, bark, roots, wood chips, bamboo powder, sawdust and other leftovers of forest products, which are cheap and inexhaustible).

3. Convenient connection: Connected directly with the interface of furnace without any change for the original furnace.

4. User-friendly design: Small compact equipment, flexible motion with the casters equipped at the bottom, and easy maintenance.

The above content is a simple introduction of the saw dust fired boiler.If you are interested in it ,please offer us your detail demands,such as the capacity,pressure,application of the saw dust fired boiler.and we will send details and quotations,or you can mail to [email protected]

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